Avi Queen


Avi Queen (formerly known as D'va D ), a multi-talented artist has captivated the world with her latest single, HARLEY QUIN, on which she embodies her alter personality in the likeness of infamous DC Comic character Harleen Quinzel, with a twist! This follows her last release, SPACESHIP, which is lyrically loaded, and out of this world!

Having lived and breathed music for as long as she can remember, from R&B, Gospel, Hip-Hop and jazz to classical studies, Avi Queen now knows it was all preparation for this chapter of her life. Penning worthy lyrics at the speed of light is just one of her natural gifts, another is spitting them back at you as Avi Queen does so confidently with an undeniably seductive edge. The third is delivering soul-stirring vocals often compared to the likes of Mary J. Blige, Monica, and Keisha Cole. Influenced by female MC legends such as Lauryn Hill, Left Eye, Mc Lyte, and Da Brat, Avi Queen humbly reminds hip hop that originality is where it’s at.

Avi Queen is no stranger to the stage, performing all over Dallas and abroad as the lead vocalist in a child band, BKBK, at such venues as Dallas Black Expo, and even nationally on Fox 4’s, Insights TV show.

With the release of her latest works, HARLEY QUIN, SPACESHIP , I'M OKAY, STAY TUNED, and a pop single, BOOM, she’s back as a triple threat, Writing, Singing, and Blessing the game with her flow!

If you haven’t heard yet...Stay Tuned! You can catch her soon in a city near year!

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